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An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Chris Spurvey

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What you will learn on the Webinar :

How to achieve the exact vision you have for your business or career, even if that feels like a far fetch idea right now.
How to have clients asking 'How do I buy your offer?' instead of you feeling like you are hounding and annoying them.
How to leverage the knowledge you have of your offer so you have prospects on demand.
How to do all of this without feeling like that sleazy salesman you experienced growing up that you want no part of.
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About Chris Spurvey

Chris Spurvey has helped consultants, coaches, experts and entrepreneurs all over the world find their unique ability to sell and move on to great success in their businesses. 

Chris has been featured in numerous publications and platforms including Forbes, Inc., LinkedIn, The Good Men Project and Executive Vine.

Chris is the author of the best selling sales mind-set book It's Time to Sell - Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set.